Pain to Shame

Is the struggle pain
What you gain from a stain
Ignorance is the fame
Fueled the passion
Fire burns inside
Quicker then any levitation
Feeding that lioness
Will only gain scopes
Blinded by the low keyism
Power is wisdom
Imagination is endlessly
Priceless imperfections
Sunshines when it doesn’t



Good one’s

The good ones go if you make them wait too long, those long talks on the phone always seem right….at the end of the day and night it’s just so wrong.

Why you won’t leave them alone.

All those sweet nothings you want to make it seem like something.

Good girl turns into the wrong thing like a Ricochet from past users and emotional mental abusers.

Bounce off that baggage you want her to help you carry.  Life will not be consumed with all that fairy.

Tell you the truth is very scary hell.

To be honest this is a homemade man-made tall tale.

The good ones vanish if you make them fail,

running around not making bail.



Crossfire 🔥

Stuck in the crossfire wasn’t my desire.

On the outside looking in.

You a friend, thought you wanted this real deal and only to find out it was dangerously a buzz kill.

Over and over I’ll set fire to that roller coaster .

I have to let you go before my heart start to show.

Carrying around that dead weight being hidden, don’t know what they got until it’s good ridden.

take what’s given. You’re not my desire.

Not the dirty ashes from your Crossfire..



Upon a Time.

Once upon a time there was in the air,

abundance overwhelmingly beautiful …

when you can reap all the benefits Sown.



Advocate of Poetry

An advocate.

Love is all you need.

Great ones attract blessed abundance.

Greatest connections.  Can I see your heart?

A heavenly Spirit through me.

Trust the universe, it’s meant to be.

Order my steps Dear Lord, my life is in your hands.

My vision is clearer in this spiritual war.

 I’ve endured. “No-no, I’m not tied yet”.

 Lord you’re working on me, I’m still here.

Working through me,

My life urgency.

He’s in control.

An advocate of “real unconditional love”.

 A messenger, victorious in this race.

 Righteous in this war, the virtue of patience,

then perseverance.

I’ve been Hercules, harambee, met Nefertiti.

Now I’m a transformer.

Lord our God, I give you all the Glory.

I stepped out on a limb, not on the fence.

I will serve you Father in Heaven.

Straight and narrow, I pursue.

 Oh’ Lord even though the path is narrow, it’s steady.

 I’m “anew” I’m ready.

To be saved is to be chosen.

An advocate of the good word.



Poetry life.

Write outside, outside the box.  Write your heart.  Write how you feel and who are.  With no apology.  Say how you feel. Writing poetry is a way of life.


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Starting Your Own Podcast on

A destination of poetry, is like silence in the storm.

Landscaping through my mind, 
myself I find..
an enlightening..
to the ways of living this life. Rays of sunlight hits my skin, Laughter let it begin.
The cold days dwell
in this cold cold world.
My soul can't take the pain of the worldly ones living in worldly ways.

Haiku into the deep.

Sun into my darkness,

mood inside my blood.


“If you believe it, and dream it. You envision it. You know you can achieve it. It’s in your hear, chase it.”


Haiku into the deep.

Sun into my darkness,

Mood inside my blood.